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Name Levin, Ira
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Image of 12.0009.001 - Passport

12.0009.001 - Passport

Leatherette cover with heavy sheets inside. Dr. Levin's photo with information. Cancellation stamp dated 7/31/98 and two holes punched in the cover. Visas from Canada (1997), Hong Kong (1994), and Israel (1998). Used for government travel.

Image of 12.0009.002 - Calculator, Pocket

12.0009.002 - Calculator, Pocket

Cardboard book-type case covered in black plastic. The calculator is attached to the case. Solar panel at the top labeled "Twin Power Calculator." Large LCD display. Brushed aluminum plate with black buttons: numbers and functions in white; higher functions in blue; and power in red. Maker's information on the back. "Sharp" imprinted on the back of the case.

Image of 12.0009.003 - Ruler

12.0009.003 - Ruler

White plastic. The back has a 1994 calendar printed on it. The front has a large red "Ohaus, Exactly Right." The top edge has a 1-7 inch rule; the bottom edge is metric 1-18 centimeter. In green is "The Stress Monitor" with black square to hold between your fingers. Color and definitions and instructions printed next to it.

Image of 12.0009.004 - Template, Drafting

12.0009.004 - Template, Drafting

Red plastic. In white is logo and "Janssen Chimica, Fine Chemicals for Research and Industry." Various shapes are cut out to be used in drafting.

Image of 12.0009.005 - Template, Drafting

12.0009.005 - Template, Drafting

.01 Template No. 17 .02 Envelope .01 Clear plastic with cutouts of numbers and mathematical symbols. Printed in black is "Mathematical Symbols, RapiDesign, No. 17." .02 Envelope is manila paper. Printed with name, maker, and "The Greek Alphabet and All Mathematical Symbols and Numbers." Red/white Keuffel & Esser sticker "No. 57 0700."

Image of 12.0009.006 - Template, Drafting

12.0009.006 - Template, Drafting

.01 Template No. 925 .02 Envelope .01 Yellow plastic. Four long cutouts with four raised lines above them at various distances. On the left is "Line Spacing, 3/16, 5/32, 1/8, 3/32." On the right is "1/4, 3/16, 5/32, 1/8." On the bottom is maker and number and "Reverse for use with inking pen." .02 Manila paper. Red/white Keuffel & Esser sticker No. 57 0700. In black is maker's name and information.

Image of 12.0009.007 - Template, Drafting

12.0009.007 - Template, Drafting

.01 Hedberg Orbital Template .02 Envelope .01 Clear plastic. Rule along top, 0-180 degree curve, various shapes including lableled tetrahedral, octahedral, pentagonal bipyramidal, trigonal bipyramidal. Printed "Orbital Template, Copyright 1965, Dyna-Slide Co., Chicago, IL." .02 Envelope is a heavy paper sleeve. Printed in brown with instructions and examples on both sides. Green "Laboratory Supplies Company, Inc." sticker. And "For drawing atomic and molecular orbitals and crystal structures."

Image of 12.0009.008 - Scale, Architect's

12.0009.008 - Scale, Architect's

Boxwood triangle. Each side of the triangle has different scales along its edges for a total of several scales, for example: 1/8 inches, 1/4 inches, 1/2 inches; 1 1/2 inches, 3/4 inches, 3/8 inches, 3 inches; 3/32 inches, 3/16 inches. Stamped "Engine Divided, U.S. St'd." Handwritten "WHe_L_S."

Image of 12.0009.009 - Telephone, Cellular

12.0009.009 - Telephone, Cellular

.01 Blackberry cell phone .02 Leather case .03 Blackberry charger Model RSM04A-050R1MC .04 Blackberry stand .01 Cell phone with large screen, typewriter keyboard, volume control on side. Back has maker information, RIM logo, Sticker with serial number, PIN 16620759, CAN 2503195634A, FCC ID L6AR957M-2-5, Made in Canada." Lion logo. .02 Black leather with RIM logo stamped on, worn, elastic at sides, black plastic clip holder on back. .03 Black plastic with usb cord, fold out plug, plate with maker specs on back. .04 Black plastic stand with Blackberry in silver. Bottom has logo, "made in China", "Research in Motion Limited."