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Name Nash, Howard
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Image of 12.0010.002 - Glass, Magnifying

12.0010.002 - Glass, Magnifying

Black plastic frame/handle. Raised B&L logo, name, and "Made in USA." The lens has a small bifocal inset for extra magnification.

Image of 12.0010.003 - Glass, Magnifying

12.0010.003 - Glass, Magnifying

Gray plastic handle/frame. Raised B&L logo, name, and "Made in USA."

Image of 12.0001.001 - Calculator, Pocket

12.0001.001 - Calculator, Pocket

Gray/silver plastic case with slightly bent readout bar. The buttons are gray (function) and cream (numbers). There are nine rows of five buttons each. Handwritten on the back in black marker is "Nash 36/1D18."

Image of 12.0001.002 - Stereoscope

12.0001.002 - Stereoscope

.01 Stereoscope glasses .02 Case .01 Black-painted textured metal frames with circular eyepieces. The ear pieces are stainless steel and fold over. .02 Black plastic case with a button flap. The name is raised on one side, etc. Inside the case is lined with black fabric.

Image of 12.0001.003 - Cup, Traveling

12.0001.003 - Cup, Traveling

Stainless steel travel mug with raised gripping lines up the sides and black plastic bottom, rim, handle, and accents. "Starbucks" is printed on it. Internal threads for a lid which is missing. Inside of the mug is heavy coffee staining and some rusting.

Image of 12.0001.004 - Vase

12.0001.004 - Vase

Ceramic. Six sides--five sides have green glaze with speckles; one side has been left unfinished. The bottom is also unfinished. The unfinished area goes up the bottom of each glazed side about 1/2" to make a slightly scalloped design. Wide lip. The inside is also glazed. Maker's stamp on bottom but no other marks.

Image of 12.0001.005 - Print

12.0001.005 - Print

Wood frame. The print is of a photo of a bird standing in still water. The bird' has a white body, black wing tips, and pink head and neck. The wings are up. The bird is reflected in the water. A caption is printed below the photo: "American avocet (Recurvirostra americana). Bear River, Bear River Migrating Bird Refuge, Utah. Nikon F4 with 500mm lens, Fujichrome 50 at 1/125 second. F5.6. By Gary Crandall/Wild Earth Images." On the back is a sticker from the framer: Harvard Coop Custom Frame Room.

Image of 12.0001.006 - Radio

12.0001.006 - Radio

Faux wood panel box with feet on the bottom. The back has an electrical cord and antenna cord; knob for setting the alarm; and a totally faded maker's sticker. The front has black leatherette plastic surrounding a gray/yellow plastic woven sound box and a maker's plate. The top rung has two dials on the left (volume and tone); FM/AM tuning strip; AM/FM toggle; on/AFC/off toggle, and tuning knobs with labels in white below them. The left side has an alarm clock built in with a lighted dial. The clock has black hour/minute hands; silver second hand; and a red alarm indicator hand. "Vari-alarm" is printed on the clock face. There are three clear, labeled knobs at the twelve o'clock ("no a

Image of 12.0010.001 - Glass, Magnifying

12.0010.001 - Glass, Magnifying

White plastic body holds magnifying lens. Red button turns on small light on the other side. "Hong Kong" in small raised letters on the handle.

Image of 12.0010.004 - Disk, Zip

12.0010.004 - Disk, Zip

.01 Zip disk .02 Case .01 Black plastic with steel cover. Label. .02 Clear plastic hinged case with paper label inside, stock sticker on back.

Image of 12.0010.005 - Disk, CD-ROM

12.0010.005 - Disk, CD-ROM

.01 CD-R disk .02 Case .01 Silver plastic disk. One side has maker's name, image of computer board, "compact disc recordable, up to 4G x certified." Handwritten "James Yu, 8/29/03, Mud Data preliminary." .02 Case back is white plastic with stock sticker. Clear plastic hinged top. Handwritten torn piece of paper is stuck to the inside: "open on DJS computer."