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Name Ross, Griff T.
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Image of 04.0012.001 - Coat, Laboratory

04.0012.001 - Coat, Laboratory

Polyester/cotton. White long-sleeved laboratory coat with three pockets in front. Patches on front, arms, and back from various units serving within the Clinical Center (CC). Patches are from: CC (duck); CC (words); NIH Blood Bank (red drops); NHI Molecular Diseases (yellow drop shape); button "Handwashing Prevents Infections!" with bear; NHI Surgery (words); CC Elevators E.S.C. (words); NIH Fire Department (octagon); NIH Police (shield); CC Patient Messenger & Escort Service (words); Nursing Department (words); NIH Locksmith PSMB (words--key shape); Hematology Clinical Pathology (microscope); Materiel Handling Department, NIH CC (CC in middle with wedges with words); NIDR National Caries

Image of Faces of NIH - Judith Vaitukaitis

Faces of NIH - Judith Vaitukaitis

Various photographs of NCRR Director Judith Vaitukaitis.