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Name Sokoloff, Louis E.
Occupation After obtaining his B.A. degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1943, Louis Sokoloff was drafted into the U.S. Army as a private. His assignment as a medical corpsman in the Army neuropsychiatry service led to his lifelong interest in the human brain. After the end of the war, he enrolled in his alma mater's School of Medicine. After he was awarded his M.D. in 1946, he interned at the Philadelphia General Hospital. Sokoloff was then promoted to First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Medical Corps rising to captain. On leaving the military in 1949, he joined the faculty of the Graduate School of Medicine at Penn as Research Fellow. It was here that he had his first exposure to brain metabolism by way of measurements of blood flow in the brain in hyperthyroid individuals. He found that the metabolic rate was, perhaps unexpectedly, not accelerated. His mentor, Seymour Kety, moved to the NIH in 1951 and a few years later invited Sokoloff to join him. The later accordingly moved to Bethesda in 1953, where he was named Associate Chief in the Section on Cerebral Metabolism in the Laboratory of Neurochemistry at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), where he spent his entire career. Sokoloff retained his faculty appointment at Penn and went back each year to present a series of lectures. He rose through the ranks at NIMH, becoming, in 1957, Chief of the Section on Cerebral Metabolism in what had been renamed the Laboratory of Clinical Science. Sokoloff developed the elegant direct measurement of brain metabolism by measuring glucose utilization, using 14C radio-labeled C-2-deoxyglucose. He and his colleagues subsequently developed one of the currently used procedures for the use of glucose labeled with an extremely volatile positron-emitting isotope of fluorine, and then visualizing the labeled sugar by means of tomography. This method is now used extensively for localizing those parts of the brain that are activated during specific activities. He received the Albert Lasker Award in Clinical Medical Research for developing this new method of measuring brain function that contributed to the basic understanding and diagnosis of brain diseases. In 1968, Sokoloff spent a year in France as Visiting Scientist in the Labratoire de Biochemie General et Comparee in the College de France. That same year his title was changed to Chief of the Laboratory of Cerebral Metabolism of NIMH, reflecting the changed reporting relationship of the unit. Sokoloff was named Scientist Emeritus by the NIH Scientific Directors Board in 2004.
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Birthplace Philadelphia, PA
Born October 14, 1921
Titles & honors Chief, Section on Cerebral Metabolism, Laboratory of Clinical Science, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Chief Laboratory of Cerebral Metabolism, NIMH
Distinguished Service Award, Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Albert Lasker Clinical Medicine Award
National Academy Award in the Neurosciences
Honorary degrees: Lund (Sweden) University, Yeshiva University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Education University of Pennsylvania, B.A., 1943; M.D., 1946

Associated Records

Image of 03.0006.001 - Dehorner

03.0006.001 - Dehorner

Wood handles with metal ends painted green to which the cutting head is attached. Shears are short and curved.

Image of 03.0006.002 - Apparatus, Electrophoresis

03.0006.002 - Apparatus, Electrophoresis

Stainless steel round base with intake and outlet flow valves on either side. Apparatus is glass tubing which comes from intake and goes up in spiral then back down to outlet. Covered with rounded glass top.

Image of 03.0006.003 - Apparatus, Electrophoresis

03.0006.003 - Apparatus, Electrophoresis

Stainless steel round base with intake and outlet flow valves on either side. Apparatus is glass tubing which comes from intake and goes up in spiral, then back down to outlet. Covered with rounded lucite held on by tape.

Image of 03.0006.004 - Apparatus, Electrophoresis

03.0006.004 - Apparatus, Electrophoresis

Stainless steel hollow tube with slightly tapered inside. Has screws on either side.

Image of 03.0006.005 - Bath, Water

03.0006.005 - Bath, Water

Metal with copper-plate (?). Pot with two squared off handles. Also two intake/outlet openings mounted one atop the other. Top comes off and has different size inserts to hold different size flasks. No maker but "B" stamped inside. 03.0006.005.01 - water heater pot 03.0006.005.02 - ring 03.0006.005.03 - ring 03.0006.005.04 - ring 03.0006.005.05 - ring 03.0006.005.06 - ring 03.0006.005.07 - ring 03.0006.005.08 - ring 03.0006.005.09 - ring 03.0006.005.10 - ring 03.0006.005.11 - ring 03.0006.005.12 - ring 03.0006.005.13 - ring 03.0006.005.14 - ring 03.0006.005.15 - ring 03.0006.005.16 - ring

Image of 04.0018.001 - Stopwatch

04.0018.001 - Stopwatch

04.0018.001.01 - Jaquet’s speed indicator 04.0018.001.02 - convex tip 04.0018.001.03 - concave tip 04.0018.001.04 - black rubber tip 04.0018.001.05 - black rubber tip 04.0018.001.06 - Ivan Sorvall Inc. case The case is covered in green leatherette and has a hinged lid. On the top of the lid is stamped in gold "Ivan Sorvall Inc., Norwalk, Connecticut, Case made in Switzerland." Inside the case is lined in green velveteen. The indicator is a cylinder. It has a black face with white numbers 1-9, and a small dial labeled for 10,000. It also has the maker’s name, "Made in Switzerland, 1000 REVS, 500 feet, No. 2301." The button on the left top starts and stops the indicator. A spindl

Image of 04.0018.002 - Curve

04.0018.002 - Curve

04.0018.002.01 - Dietzgen, clearcite, 2016-14, made in USA, acrylic, plastic, large triangle 04.0018.002.02 - Keuffler & Esser 1860-30 luxylite 04.0018.002.03 - Staedtler Mars 971 40-24, with handwritten "1A18(2)" 04.0018.002.04 - Dietzgen, clearcite, 2152-10 04.0018.002.05 - Keuffler & Esser 1860-21 luxylite 04.0018.002.06 - Keuffler & Esser 1860-25 luxylite 04.0018.002.07 - Keuffler & Esser 1860-19 luxylite 04.0018.002.08 - Keuffler & Esser 1860-13 luxylite 04.0018.002.09 - Keuffler & Esser 1861, has a straight line scratched into it all the way across with "180" on it 04.0018.002.10 - #1000D Japan with handwritten "1A18D" 04.0018.002.11 - #1000C Japan with handwritten "1A18C" 0

Image of 04.0018.003 - Manifold, Blood

04.0018.003 - Manifold, Blood

Metal. Base is a squared bracket with a large set screw in the bracket opening. Attached to the top are four manifolds, two on either side. Each has an opening for a syringe and lever to turn on or off.

Image of 04.0018.004 - Recorder, Pen

04.0018.004 - Recorder, Pen

04.0018.004.01 - Recorder 04.0018.004.02 - top Stainless steel. Lid is rectangular "box top" that comes all the way off and has no closures. The recorder is also a rectangle. It has black measurement rulers on both long sides: one is marked " NIMH Tec Dev, 1 inch, 1-10"; the other ruler is marked "3/4 inch." The area in the middle is indented to fit paper in it. Brass brackets to hold the paper with black rubber stops are opened and closed with little levers. A clear plastic curve is attached over the area where the paper goes.

Image of 04.0018.005 - Chart

04.0018.005 - Chart

Paper with typewritten chart of factors. u-t goes down the left of the page, K goes across the top left to right. The equation is printed at the bottom. It is covered with plastic and has a cardboard backing, both of which are coming off.

Image of 04.0018.006 - Apparatus, Electrophoresis

04.0018.006 - Apparatus, Electrophoresis

04.0018.006.01 - Shandon Scientific Co. Ltd, Vokam SAE2761 Power Supply 04.0018.006.02 - electrophoresis lid 04.0018.006.03 - electrophoresis container 04.0018.006.04 - electrophoresis buffer container 04.0018.006.05 - glass gel tube 04.0018.006.06 - glass gel tube 04.0018.006.07 - glass gel tube 04.0018.006.08 - glass gel tube 04.0018.006.09 - glass gel tube 04.0018.006.10 - Richmond Dental Cotton Co. cotton pellets 04.0018.006.11 - GC Electronics Pure Gum Grommets 04.0018.006.12 - GC Electronics Pure Gum Grommets 04.0018.006.13 - Bank of Bethesda envelope 04.0018.006.14 - green plug 04.0018.006.15 - green plug 04.0018.006.16 - red plug 04.0018.006.17 - red plug 04.0018.006.

Image of 04.0018.007 - Meter, pH

04.0018.007 - Meter, pH

04.0018.007.01 - Radiometer pH Meter, Type PHM 26 04.0018.007.02 - plastic cover 04.0018.007.03 - pH electrode stand attachment 04.0018.007.04 - pH electrode stand rod 04.0018.007.05 - pH electrode bracket 04.0018.007.06 - Radiometer electrode G202C box 04.0018.007.07 - Radiometer electrode G202C part 04.0018.007.08 - Beckman Perma-Probe box 04.0018.007.09 - Beckman Perma-Probe Calomel Eelctrode 04.0018.007.10 - Beckman Thermocompensator box 04.0018.007.11 - Beckman Thermocompensator 39096 04.0018.007.12 - Beckman pH Electrode unopened, 39301 04.0018.007.13 - Radiometer Polarizing Adaptor box 04.0018.007.14 - Radiometer Polarizing Adaptor L409/100k 04.0018.007.15 - Radiometer Po

Image of 06.0006.001 - Computer, Hybrid

06.0006.001 - Computer, Hybrid

06.0006.001.01 - keyboard, printer, monitor, tape drive unit 06.0006.001.02 - HP 9134 A External Disk Drive 06.0006.001.03 - HP 9133HExternal Disk Drive 06.0006.001.04 - HP Thermal printer paper 06.0006.001.05 - HP Certified Data Cartridge .01 Metal and plastic. Tan and brown. The bottom segment is flat with the monitor mounted on top. The bottom has the keyboard/control board and places for two data cartridges. In the middle is the printer feeder. The monitor is large but has only a small screen inset. The printer direction codes on are on the side. .02 Flat rectangle, gray enameled metal. The back has the maker’s information, instructions, power cord, and cord connectin

Image of 12.0022.001 - Microscope, Binocular

12.0022.001 - Microscope, Binocular

.01 stereomicroscope .02 blue filter .03 filter spoke .04-05 eyepiece 5X "503" .06-07 Bausch & Lomb objective vial -- empty .08 Bausch & Lomb objective vial with objective .09 wood case .10 key .01 Black enamel metal. Horse-shoe stand, large square stage, objective head is triangular with triple nosepiece with three objectives: AO Spencer 97x; B&L 43x; and B&L 10x. Patent applied for. Service sticker with 10/31/67 date. Wide field eyepiece. Mechanical stage. Substage Abbe condenser with rack and pinion. Mirror light source. .02 Blue glass disk. .03 Black spoke. .04-05 Eyepieces are stainless steel, stamped "503" with "5x" on lip. .06-07 Clear plast

Image of 12.0022.002 - Microscope, Binocular

12.0022.002 - Microscope, Binocular

.01 Microscope .02 Bausch & Lomb light controller .01 Black enamel. Solid base with yellow sticker "Research Instrumentation Section," dated 1998. Square stage. Illuminated. For objectives, two eyepieces. Cord coming from lamp inserted in base. .02 Black enamel box with cord. "Bausch & Lomb" painted on it, Cat. No. 31-33-69. Dial on front from "off" to five.

Image of 12.0022.004 - Ocular, Microscope

12.0022.004 - Ocular, Microscope

Taken off of the same dissecting microscope, these eyepieces have stainless steel canisters to hold internal lens and a black painted top for eye lens. Engraved with Zeiss logo that says "Zeiss Opton" "Germany" "10x." From an old teaching scope.

Image of 12.0022.005 - Apparatus, Brain Freezing

12.0022.005 - Apparatus, Brain Freezing

Steel boat-like base. One side of instrument has a power switch. On the top, arranged symmetrically are motors, handles, etc. Pyrex holder for rat in the center. See article for more complete description.

Image of 13.0021.100 - Invitation

13.0021.100 - Invitation

.01 Invitation .02 RSVP card .01 Cardstock from NIMH in light tan inviting to honor career of Dr. Louis Sokoloff. .02 Same stock for RSVP card and menu.

Image of 15.0027.001 - Board, Digital Circuit

15.0027.001 - Board, Digital Circuit

Large computer board. The back is soldered connections. The front has resisters, etc. Some are Beckman, some from Indonesia, etc. No maker's marks. Tape with "33S" on it.

Image of 15.0030.001 - Microscope

15.0030.001 - Microscope

.01 Microscope .02 Scalpel .03 Spatula .04 Microscope slide: "Silver berry/ Scaly hair" .05 Microscope slide: "Feather / Fowl point" .06-7 Microscope slides .08 Wood case .01 Black enamel over metal. There are two eyepieces in the holder (15x and 10x) which turns so that they can be changed with a swivel of the holder. One set of adjuster knobs. Three small objectives are built-in (80x, 200x, 500x). Square stage with slide clips. The mirror below is black and white bakelite on a swivel. There are red and green wires to battery holders on either side of the stage. The holders are marked "+" and "-". On the bottom of the stage is raised "Japan." .02 Black plastic