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Name Wyatt, Richard G.
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Image of 01.0019.001 - Flag

01.0019.001 - Flag

100% nylon. Usual red/white/blue flag of the United States of America, but has gold braided fringe.

Image of 02.0021.001 - Microscope, Electron

02.0021.001 - Microscope, Electron

02.0021.001.01 - hose 02.0021.001.02 - battery and light 02.0021.001.03 - part 02.0021.001.04 - Ernest F. Fullam Inc. Diffraction Grating Replica 10021 02.0021.001.05 - Ernest F. Fullam Inc. Resolution Standard for Transmission Electron Microscope 10091 02.0021.001.06 - Ernest F. Fullam Inc. Resolution Standard for Transmission Electron Microscope 10091 02.0021.001.07 - Ernest F. Fullam Inc. Image Checker 1007 02.0021.001.08-22 Siemens Filaments 02.0021.001.23-24 Empty plastic filament canisters 02.0021.001.25 - stryofoam box .26 Nicht Offnen fuse set box .27-43 filament replacments (inside .26) .44 Filament box .45-63 Filament replacement (inside .44) .64 Styrofoam case w

Image of 13.0021.054 - Invitation

13.0021.054 - Invitation

Single light yellow cardstock with US Public Health Service imprint to announce reception for the retirement of Dr. Robert Whitney.

Image of 13.0023.001 - Machine, voting

13.0023.001 - Machine, voting

.01 Poll display unit 1 .02 Poll display unit 2 .03 -6 Powercords .07-38 Voting unit .39-46 Serial ports .47 Storage box .48 Main storage unit .01 Trapezoidal black metal box with LED screen on front, four buttons below: restart (white), intensity (gray), poll (green--also has green lightbulb), and clear (red--also has red lightbulb). Printed label on back: "Unit 1." Tag in blue/silver from "NIMH/NINCDS Research Services, Project #7241." Two round input ports on back, on/off switch and input for power cord on one side. .02 Same as .01 except the tag says "Unit 2," there are two research services tages: "Project #7241-2" and "7241-MCH". .03-6 Power cords. .07-3

Image of 14.0027.003 - Brochure

14.0027.003 - Brochure

Heavy paper brochure. The cover is a letter from James O. Mason, Assistant Surgeon General, Director, Centers for Diesease Control, dated May 10, 1988. The letter is to a "Health Professional." Inside is the main brochure with Surgeon General C. Everett Koop's photo and letter on it. The brochure answers questions like "How do you get AIDS?" "Can you become infected?" "How do you get AIDS from sex?" "What behavior puts you at risk?" "What is all the talk about condoms?" "Why no one has gotten AIDS from mosquitoes" with photos and quotes from people with AIDS, counselors, volunteers, and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Image of 89.0001.295 - Reader, Assay

89.0001.295 - Reader, Assay

.01: Aluminum tray with center cut out. Holds clear plastic microtiter plate labeled A-H and 1-12. Written in marker "Hard". Scratched on it "Yolken Cooke." .02: Rectangular metal case with blue enamel top and sides. Back has electric cord, switch, fuse. Front is stainless steel with readout display on right "Analog Devices" with analog in/out plugs under it. Power switch and light on left with sensor connector and zero dial in middle. Has "NIH Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation Branch" sticker on front, tape with ‘For Service call Jim Gruber, SMS, 496-4131." .03: Stainless steel base with stickers on front, grid lines etched into top. Base is platform open to bottom.

Image of United States Public Health Service - P.H.S. Navy Flag officers assigned to NIH

United States Public Health Service - P.H.S. Navy Flag officers assigned to NIH

Group of Public Health Service officers assigned to the National Institutes of Health. Overseen by the Surgeon General, the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is a diverse team of more than 6,500 highly qualified, public health professionals.

Image of Events at NIH - William H. Natcher groundbreaking ceremonies

Events at NIH - William H. Natcher groundbreaking ceremonies

The William H. Natcher Building (Building 45) groundbreaking ceremonies. William H. Natcher was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Kentucky's 2nd district and served in the House from 1953 until his death on March 29, 1994.

Image of NIH Portrait Unveilings - Harold Varmus portrait

NIH Portrait Unveilings - Harold Varmus portrait

Harold Varmus became director of the National Institutes of Health on November 23, 1993 and served as director until 1999, leaving to become the President and Chief Executive Officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. The National Institutes of Health has produced several Nobel Laureates. Varmus received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (along with Dr. J. Michael Bishop) in 1989. His portrait is in Building 1.