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Name Yoshikami, Shuko
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Image of 12.0008.003 - Flash, Photolysis

12.0008.003 - Flash, Photolysis

Steel box. The top is stainless steel screwed on to the sides. A Hamamatsu E2608 flash is connected into the box, as is an electrical cord. The top has plug-ins for flash voltage, a dial for "MC Adjust", switch for selecting speed/power, connector for "ext trig.", fuse, toggle for on/off.

Image of 12.0008.001 - Card, Punch

12.0008.001 - Card, Punch

Card file box of gray plastic textured to look like wood. HInged. The corners have metal reinforcements. The top has in black marker "Davies--Cohen, NIH, Bldg. 2, Rm 311." Leather handle. The data cards fill the box and have been sectioned by yellow dividers and have section titles written on the sides. Some of these titles are "Data 10" "1NEMB" and "Lumpar"

Image of 12.0008.002 - Telescope, Night Vision

12.0008.002 - Telescope, Night Vision

.01 Original lens .02 Power supply .03-04 Lens .05 Part .06 Wood box .01 Black painted metal. Thick glass lens is connected by a cord. The top is leather with a strap attached to the box. The top is stamped "Cover Lens Ref. No. 5C/2802, Always Cover Lenses in Daylight." .02 Black metal stamped in white "Ref. No. 5C/2664, Serial No. ZG26." A piece of paper is taped on and written in red is "Do Not Switch On In Daylight." On/off toggle and cord extend from top. .03-04 Lens modified to use with microscope. One marked "BK03, 5C/3157" and the other "5C/3157, R405." Both have cords attached. .05 Metal cylinder, black, with threads. .06 Wood box on feet, paint

Image of 12.0008.004 - Tape, Paper

12.0008.004 - Tape, Paper

.01 Paper data tape WAA 013 mod 16 Jan 67 .02 Paper data tape WA013 21 Nov 1966 .03 Paper data tape WAHO15 5 Dec 1966 GE .04 Paper data tape WAH014 16 Jan 1967 .05 Paper data tape WA H015 mod of 16 Jan 67 .06 Paper data tape REM001 Rev. 8/4/67 .07 Paper data tape blank .08 Canister top .09 Canister bottom .08-09 Steel film canister. The top has raised "Can No. 2349." and a Japanese character. "Thermopile + Retina" is written on the top in black marker. The bottom has a yellow sticker "Kodak Linagraph Orthofilm" etc. although the film has been taken out. .01-07 Paper strip coiled, but with lubricating oil. Holes punched in them. Written on in pencil.

Image of 12.0008.005 - Circuit, Integrated

12.0008.005 - Circuit, Integrated

Cardboard with holes in it. Mounted on the cardboard and covered in clear plastic is a black foam rectangle. Four diodes are stuck in the foam with glue. Each has "BB UAF41 8912DR1705" on it. Yellow caution sticker. White sticker with "Universal Analog Filter" handwritten on it.

Image of 12.0008.006 - Amplifier, Operational

12.0008.006 - Amplifier, Operational

Stainless steel. The back has wires/connector. The front has "FBN Electronics" on it. Holes for capacitors and resistors, and knobs to control the amplification.

Image of 12.0008.010 - Photomultiplier

12.0008.010 - Photomultiplier

.01 Photomultiplier tube .02 Box .01 Glass tube over works. Gray plastic collar with a silver and blue sticker for maker's name and model number. Eleven prongs from bottom. .02 Cardboard. Blue ink "Hamamatsu TV Co. Ltd, Photon is Our Business, Made in Japan." One end is torn. The other end has a sticker "Type R818, No. TB5088."

Image of 12.0008.007 - Certificate, Commemorative

12.0008.007 - Certificate, Commemorative

Frame is painted gold. Certificate behind glass. The certificate has "Biophysical Society William A. Hagins, President, 1982," etc. printed on it. Gold foil seal of the society embossed "Biophysical Society, Founded 1957." The back has brown paper and a sticker for Miller's Framing.

Image of 12.0008.008 - Certificate, Achievement

12.0008.008 - Certificate, Achievement

.01 Certificate .02 Mailing tube .01 Parchment paper. Certificate shows that William Archer Hagins is a member of the National Academy of Sciences as of April 24, 1979. Signatures of David R. Goddard, Thomas F. Malone, Philip Handler, and Saunder MacLane. .02 Cardboard canister with metal ends. Mailing label to Dr. Hagins, Bldg. 2, Room 105, NIH. Also a sticker with the postage cancellation dated October 3, 1980.

Image of 12.0008.009 - Dessicator

12.0008.009 - Dessicator

.01 Handle .02 Chain assembly .01 Steel. Flat in Y shape. The top of the Y has a notch cut in it; the bottom has black stoppers mounted on either side. .02 Metal flat square with one slightly curved protruding edge. Opposite of this edge is screwed to two chains. The chains are joined at three places by a metal pin. These pins fit the notch in the handle to adjust the length of chain to the jar size. The chain has black protectors around it, which is chipped and some has come off.

Image of 12.0008.029 - Calorimeter

12.0008.029 - Calorimeter

Pomona Electronics Model 3311 electronics enclosure (blue textured metal). The right side has property stickers. The back side has a sticker for Pomona Electronics. It also has two small screws, one labeled "P2, A+B" and one labeled "P1, A-B." The top has amphenol connector, three ports with drawn schematic and strip of copper. The bottom has a sponge attached. The control panel has a red light, "reset", "on" toggle, "power" amphenol plug, five connections "A+B, A, V, V, V."

Image of 12.0008.011 - Sample, Tissue

12.0008.011 - Sample, Tissue

.01 Paraffin chunks .02 Box .01 Clear/white chunks of paraffin with yellow in it. .02 White cardboard box---the inside slides out like a matchbox. In black marker is "Good. Frog procion yellow, 1 Nov 1971, Stain in vivo 15, 30, 60 min, Freeze-dry & in paraffine." [sic]

Image of 12.0008.012 - Sample, Tissue

12.0008.012 - Sample, Tissue

.01 Sample in no case .02 AG50K .03 AG1CL .04 CH100 .05 AG50KL .06 AG1CL .07 AGiCL .08 box .01 Hard yellow material--cylinder with one tapered end. .02-07 Same yellow material encased in tiny plastic vials with flip tops and tapered bottom. Each is labeled in pencil on a piece of paper. Lid has "BEEM, Pat. Pend., USA." .08 White cardboard matchbox. Written on it "Wm Hagins, Sept. 13, 1974."

Image of 12.0008.013 - Sample, Tissue

12.0008.013 - Sample, Tissue

.01 Samples taped to calendar page .02 7277 large sample taped to smaller ones .03 rows of small samples .04 box .01 Calendar page, Mon. Nov. 22, 1976. Written on the page is pencil "#1 - Glutt Ruth, Osmium + Ruth." "#2 Osmium only/Glut Ruth." .04 White cardboard matchbox with "Shuko Yoshikami."

Image of 12.0008.014 - Sample, Tissue

12.0008.014 - Sample, Tissue

.01 Vial .02 Box .01 Yellow sample with black dot at bottom. In a plastic vial with a flip top and tapered bottom. Top says "BEEM, Pat Pend., USA." .02 White cardboard matchbox with pencil "Robinson Hagins" and sticker with pen "11/18/77."

Image of 12.0008.015 - Tape, Paper

12.0008.015 - Tape, Paper

Roll of paper with printed numbers labeled.".17" on, each three lines of data. Handwritten "Hagins, hi-grain recount of data in SCRPOL."

Image of 12.0008.016 - Amplifier, Operational

12.0008.016 - Amplifier, Operational

.01 Amplifier .02 Box top .03 Box bottom .01 Cast aluminum. One side has stamped "GAP-R Insp. #3." Bottom has raised arrow with "Differential Operational Amplifier P2" and maker's name in black. The other side has two rows of four connectors, plug, screw holes, serial # stamped in. Line of glue around edge. .02 Cardboard covered in dark gray paper. White top printed name, etc. maker:'s info on long sides, "GAP/R" and "Differential Operational Amplifier P2" on the other end. .03 Cardboard covered with black paper.

Image of 12.0008.017 - Spark Gap

12.0008.017 - Spark Gap

Hand-machined. One bar of metal (copper?) and one of plexiglas (?) connected by screws into plexiglas columns on either end. Two gaps are made from metal cones positioned nearly facing each other. Heavy glue on top ones.

Image of 12.0008.018 - Plug, Banana

12.0008.018 - Plug, Banana

.01 Model MDP-X red .02 Model MDP-X red .03 Model MDP black .04 Model MDP dark red .05 Model MDP orange .06 Model MDP yellow .07 Model MDP double stacked: green/blue .08 Model MDP-X double stacked: red/red .09 Model MDP double stacked: purple/black .10 Model MDP four stack: black/dark red/white/black .11 Model MDP four stack: red/yellow/white/red .

Image of 12.0008.023 - Electrode

12.0008.023 - Electrode

Instrument enclosure is metal bent in a three-sided shape. It holds four circuit boards. Each board has a round amplifier visible. The bottom has an insert piece "Labasco" and a set screw to fit over a rod to hold the instrument. One end has a view of the top board and three bottom boards which are labeled A-B, C-D, E-F. The other end reveals the insertion pieces of the boards, which are connected by various wires. The top has three white "AD521KD, 7534M" amplifiers on a board; two gray diodes; one rack of six tiny diodes; and an "Augat" grid labeled on three axis: 0-8-6-4-2, 1-3-5-7-9, A-L. There are plugs in 2-A, 3-G, 4-C, 5-B, 6-E, 8-D, 9-H. Long red wires from the top. The side