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Name Zerhouni, Elias
Occupation The first director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) who was born outside the United States, Elias Zerhouni, came to this country in 1975, after receiving his M.D. from the University of Algiers School of Medicine. He specialized in radiology, serving as resident in diagnostic radiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. There he became known for his drive for expanding medical imaging techniques and applications. After a post-resident fellowship in CT scanning at Hopkins, he was promoted to the faculty of the School of Medicine as an assistant professor of radiology.

In 1981, Zerhouni moved from Hopkins to the Eastern Virginia School of Medicine on a leave of absence that was to stretch for four years. There he was a member of the faculty and concurrently held executive positions at the Norfolk De Paul Hospital. He also oversaw the construction of a free-standing imaging center in Norfolk. In 1985, Zerhouni returned to Hopkins, this time as associate professor. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) received an increasing amount of his attention; he developed several applications for MRI imaging of a beating heart in 3D. His name occurred on some forty papers dealing with cardiac magnetic imaging. Zerhouni became Chairman of the Hopkins radiology department in 1996. He became increasingly involved in management issues at the School of Medicine and served in several executive positions that culminated in his being named executive vice-dean in 2000.

In 2002, after two years in which NIH was headed by Acting Director Ruth Kirschstein, President George W. Bush nominated Zerhouni as director of NIH. Shortly after his confirmation, Zerhouni proposed his Road Map Initiative. This involved selecting a "short list of the most compelling cross-cutting initiatives that the NIH should pursue" with the help of both intra- and extramural experts.

A sizeable number of vacancies existed in various Institutes when Zerhouni arrived at NIH. He had to deal with the impact of the terrorist attack of 2001 and bioterrorism issues as an early order of business. He was also responsible for overseeing the effects from the doubling of the NIH budget in five years that started in 1998. Zerhouni also oversaw the translation of the Bush administration's restriction of stem cell research into nuts and bolts practice as well as the ensuing controversy. Yet another contentious matter involved the ongoing dispute between NIH and journal publishers over the provision of free digital versions of articles presenting NIH funded research.

In 2008, Zerhouni resigned from NIH and returned to Hopkins as a senior advisor; he was also appointed a senior fellow for global health a the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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Birthplace Nedrona, Algeria
Born April 12, 1951
Titles & honors Chairman, Radiology Department, Johns Hopkins University
Dean, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Gold Medal, American Roentgen Ray Society
Honorary Doctor Emeritus, University of Algeria
Education University of Algeria School of Medicine, M.D., 1975

Associated Records

Image of 08.0005.031 - Knife, Paper

08.0005.031 - Knife, Paper

.01 Letter opener .02 Fabric case .01 Silver with insets of copper. The top is bent to create a tab. Stamped with a circle and "925", star, "770 VI" Design of vine on copper. .02 Brown fabric with two snap closures. Lined with clothe and dense brown fabric with elastic to hold opener in.

Image of 02.0020.001 - Paperweight

02.0020.001 - Paperweight

Black plastic rectangle with rounded corners. The top is clear. On white is "ImageGuide Inc., A medical device company formed in partnership with GE Medical Systems [GE logo] and technology licensed from Johns Hopkins University [logo]. The undersigned intitated this transaction and served as financial advisor to ImageGuide. Blitzer, Ricketson & Company, March 2002."

Image of 02.0020.002 - Clock

02.0020.002 - Clock

Brass (?). Upright rectangle. Four round feet on corners. Four bolts on top corners--decorative. Handle on top. Face is cream background with black time marking in Roman numerals. Three hands. At the bottom is "AAMC" with double serpent through it. Back door opens to works. Takes an AA battery.

Image of 02.0020.003 - Plate, Commemorative

02.0020.003 - Plate, Commemorative

02.0020.003.01 - framed plate 02.0020.003.02 - presentation box .01 Wood frame. Deep back covered in black velvet has two hooks for hanging or stand. Matted in black with gold inner matte. Plate is gold and black around the rim. In the center in gold on black is a pagoda sitting on a tiered hill with stairs leading to it. There are trees on the right side and clouds all around. The border around this center part of the plate is stylized flowers. .02 Cardboard. Hinged on long side and opens like a book. The "cover" is red. The front has a clear sticker with a black circle. Around the rim are Chinese characters and "Ministry of Health, P.R. China, Center of the Circle is a gl

Image of 03.0013.001 - Print

03.0013.001 - Print

Wood frame painted black with gold overtones. Black matte. Print is architectual rendering of outside of health Facilities II building. Has University of Maryland School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy logos above "HSFII Dedication and Grand Opening, May 8, 2003." Handwritten in gold across matte is "To Elias, Thank you, Don Wilson."

Image of 03.0013.002 - Picture

03.0013.002 - Picture

Wood frame with velvet backing and fold out flap to stand up. Highly polished. On cream paper is the poem with the logo for "Give Kids the World" on the bottom. Poem: "What Matters One hundred years from now, It will not matter What kind of car I drove, What kind of house I lived in, How much I had in my bank account, Nor what my clothes looked like But the world may be a little better Because I was important in the life of a child."

Image of 03.0013.003 - Medal, Commemorative

03.0013.003 - Medal, Commemorative

Fabric ribbon (wide) with blue/white. Hanging from it is medal. Obverse has "For exemplary and distinguished Service" around the outside, line of bars, "Eastern Virginia Medical School 1973" and then three intertwined ovals in the center. Reverse has etched "Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., November 19, 2003."

Image of 03.0013.004 - Crown

03.0013.004 - Crown

03.0013.004.01 - Korean gold crown in lucite block 03.0013.004.02 - presentation box 03.0013.004.03 - cardboard box .01 Lucite block with tiny replica of gold crown encased in it. Red around bottom of block. Crown has five arms reaching from rim with curly light green jade beads hanging from them. From the middle of the crown protrudes two longer extensions of gold with gold circles instead of beads as decoration. Label on gold reads in Korean and English "Korean Gold Crown, A.D. 500~513 (Silla Dynasty), National Treasure No. 87." Label on back reads "Kim, Hwa Joong, Minister, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Republic of Korea." .02 Outside of case is covered in blue velveteen

Image of 03.0013.005 - Dish, Candy

03.0013.005 - Dish, Candy

03.0013.005.01 - Spelman pen 03.0013.005.02 - pen box bottom 03.0013.005.03 - pen box top 03.0013.005.04 - candy dish top 03.0013.005.05 - candy dish bottom Pen has thick body with main part being stainless steel with "Spelman College" in black. The end has Spelman crest on it. Clip. Twist body to retract pen point. Black rubber grip. Box is cardboard covered with red paper with plastic insert to hold pen. Top has gold "Sheaffer" on it. Candy dish is glass square with border grooves on each side. Top has etched Spelman crest and "Spelman College, 1881, Our Whole School for Christ."

Image of 03.0013.006 - Plaque

03.0013.006 - Plaque

Wooden plaque with scallop corners and decorative edge. Black metal plate screwed on and etched with gold borders and writing. "National Cancer Institute, Director’s Service Award presented to Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., with gratitude for your outstanding and dedicated service to the Institute and the Board of Scientific Advisors, 1998-2002, signed Andrew C. von Eschenbach, M.S., Director, National Cancer Institute." Label on back for Continental Awards and Incentives, Rockville, Maryland.

Image of 08.0005.010 - Coaster

08.0005.010 - Coaster

Slate with a thin cork liner on the bottom. Gold label: "Made from 500 million year old natural Canadian slate." Engraved in the slate is "Bracy Hall, Mount Union College, Dedicated Oct. 17, 2003."

Image of 08.0005.020 - Glass

08.0005.020 - Glass

.01 Shotglass .02 Shotglass Very thick glass with an etching of a dove flying with an olive branch in its beak. Scratched onto the bottom is "Maleru(a?)s, F(?)W.G."

Image of 08.0005.021 - Plaque

08.0005.021 - Plaque

Curved glass with engraved "2007 NISC 10th Anniversary".

Image of 08.0005.022 - Paperweight

08.0005.022 - Paperweight

.01 UMMS paperweight .02 Case .01 Glass in a five-point star shape (flat). Etched into the bottom is the seal of the University of Michigan Medical School, the name of the school, "1848." .02 Hinged lid and clasp. Blue velveteen outside and in, blue ribbon to hold box lid up when open.

Image of 08.0005.024 - Totem

08.0005.024 - Totem

Metal. Gold-plated aluminum. Sculpture of an eagle with spread wings. Mounted to the top of a brass tube (ferrule) which is hollow and has hole for a set-screw to tighten piece to a flagpole.

Image of 08.0005.041 - Plaque

08.0005.041 - Plaque

Dark stained wood with metal plaque attached. Blue and red engravings of CFC logo, "Summit Award, Presented to the employees of the Nationa Institutes of Health, 2003". On back is a black label: "Awardstore," etc.

Image of 08.0005.008 - Plaque

08.0005.008 - Plaque

Glass rectangle that sits on narrow edge. Etched with a drawing of the Clinical Research Center (Building 10) and "Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center, National Institutes of Health, September 22, 2004."

Image of 08.0005.001 - Paperweight

08.0005.001 - Paperweight

.01 Glass basketball paperweight .02 Case .01 Glass ball with markings etched in to make it look like a basketball. The bottom has a flat part so that it will remain stable. Part of the top has been cut flat and has a basketball player etched in it with "NIH CFC 2006." .02 Covered with dark blue paper. Lid comes off. LIned with blue sateen over padding.

Image of 08.0005.002 - Paperweight

08.0005.002 - Paperweight

Flat glass oval. Etched in the top is "Taking Our Pulse, Parade/Research America Health Poll, 2004."

Image of 08.0005.003 - Medal, Commemorative

08.0005.003 - Medal, Commemorative

.01 Silver medallion .02 Case .01 Large thick "coin" in a protective plastic case. Pure silver. One side has an engraving of mountains and a statue of a winged woman with "5 onzas plata pura 2004 ley, .999." The other side has the ten seals of the Mexican states around the Mexican seal of an eagle biting a snake with "Estados Unidos Mexicanos>' .02 Blue velveeten case with hinged lid.