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Title October 1939 Buildings 15B-D, H, and I construction progress
Caption October 1939 Buildings 15B-D, H, and I construction progress
Description These are construction progress photos of Buildings 15B, C, D, H, and I. There are front, side and rear views of Buildings 15B,C, D, and H. There is a front and side view of Building 15I. All of these buildings are substantially complete on the outside except for the porches. There are also some work being done on a corner of Building 15I’s basement level. The areas around the buildings are littered with bits of construction debris, but there has been some clearing and leveling of the earth. Buildings 15B-I were constructed to provide housing for U.S. Public Health Service officers on the National Institute of Health campus. Buildings 15B-G were duplexes while Buildings H-I were single family homes.
There are property stamps and captions on the back of original construction progress photos. A copy was made of the information on the back of the photos which accompanies the 2000 reprint of the construction progress photos. The contractor was the Charles H. Tompkins Company.
Accession number 1011-Ph
Number of images 5
Catalog Number 1011
Photographer Unknown
Place Bethesda, MD
Source NIH Clinical Center/DIvision of Space and Facility Management, Office of Research Services, NIH
Organizations NIH (National Institute of Health) (1930-1947)
Buildings Building 15B
Building 15C
Building 15D
Building 15H
Building 15I
Other number 1011