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Photo Record

Collection National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Title NHLBI Laboratory of Biochemistry staff
Description The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Laboratory of Biochemistry personnel standing on the front steps of Building 3. The people listed from left to right and front to back are Dr. Lin Tsai, Dolores Andrews, Dr. Ann Ginsburg, Dr. Earl R. Stadtman, Dr. Myun Ki Han, Dr. Hahn-Shik Kwak, Dr. Mah Shamin, Dorothy Holloway, Dr. Zsuzsanna Veres, Julie Sahakian, Barbara Berlett, Dr. Dongeun Park, Dr. Moon Bin Yim, Francesca Santini, Merry Peters, Dr. Milton Axley, Dr. Thressa C. Stadtman, Dr. Kang Duk Choi, Dr. Deok-Young Jhon, Dr. Charles Huang, Isabel Climent, Dr. Anders Karlstrom, Yunxia Wang, Dr. Mark Fisher, Dr. Hye-Won Rho Kim, Dr. Klaus Mittenbuhler, Hong Ki Min, Joe Davis, Dr. Gregory Garcia, Dr. Michael Politino, Dr. J. Michael Poston, Mary Richardson, Michael Floyd, Dr. Rodney Levine, Dr. Michael Zolkiewski, Dr. Do Joon Park, Dr. Siow-Kee Kong, Dr. David Grahame, Dr. Ho Zoon Chae, James Cook, Dr. Boon Chock, Dr. David Remeta, Luz Hermida, Henry Ciolino, Dr. Koji Uchida, and Dr. Luke Szweda.

Accession number 1224-Ph
Number of images 1
Catalog Number 1224
Photographer Unknown
Place Bethesda, MD
Source Dr. Moonbin Yim, NHLBI, Laboratory of Biochemistry
Year Range from 1991
Year Range to 1992
Organizations NIH; NHLBI, Laboratory of Biochemistry
Buildings Building 3
Other number 1224
People Tsai, Lin
Stadtman, Earl R.
Kwak, Hahn Shik
Shamim, Mah
Holloway, Dorothy
Berlett, Barbara
Santini, Francesca
Stadtman, Thressa C.
Choi, Kang Duk
Jhon, Deok Young
Climent, Isabel
Floyd, Michael
Grahame, David
Andrews, Dolores
Axley, Milton
Chae, Ho Zoon
Chock, Boon
Ciolino, Henry
Cook, James
Davis, Joe
Garcia, Gregory
Ginsburg, Ann
Fisher, Mark
Han, Myun Ki
Hermida, Luz
Huang, Charles
Karlstrom, Anders
Kim, Hye Won Rho
Kong, Siow Kee
Levine, Rodney L.
Min, Hong Ki
Mittenbuhler, Klaus
Park, Dongeun
Park, Do Joon
Peters, Merry
Politino, Michael
Poston, J. Michael
Remeta, David
Richardson, Mary
Sahakian, Julie
Szweda, Luke
Uchida, Koji
Veres, Zsuzsanna
Wang, Yunxia
Yim, Moon Bin
Zolkiewski, Michael