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Catalog Number 11.0003.036
Title Ernst Leitz Monocular Microscope
Description .01 Scope
.02 Cover
.03-6 Objective case
.07 Eyepiece
.08 Spencer Lens Co. Illuminator
.09 GE Indicator Bulbs package
.10 GE Electrical plug end 250 v
.11-12 metal pieces
.13 Knob
.14 Screw
.15 compartment top
.16 Case

.01 Cast iron enameld in black. U-shaped base. Mirror. Square stage with condenser below. Brass knobs and tubes. Engraved "Ernst Leitz Wetzlar No. 241578." "2" eyepiece inserted; "3" Leitz objective stamped "Germany"; "Apert. 1.30, 100x, 1/12 Oel Immersion, Ernst Letiz Wetzlar"; "6ug" objective with Leitz logo.

.02 Cloth cover.

.03 Black enamel metal canister with screw top. Stamped in white "3" with Leitz logo.

.04 Same but stamped "1/12 Oel Immersion".

.05 Same but "6 lg".

.06 Same but "Cedern-Oel" and won't open--objective inside.

.07 Stainless steel. stamped "4" and maker's name.

.08 Black box. Side has hole vents. Bottom has slightly raised feet, stamped "Spencer Lens Co, Buffalo, NY, USA," and scratched "SD." Other side has vents and colored glass. Top has Spencer logo, metal knob. Cord from side-cloth covered. Has on/off switch about halfway down, stamped "Leviton."

.09 Cardboard white/blue. Back has product info, bar code. 120 v, 6 w. Front has clear hard plastic pack around two light bulbs inside. Unopened.

.11-12 Flat circular pieces like steering wheels.

.13 Stainless steel knob

.14 Flathead screw.

.15 Wood. Flat, slides over wood compartment in case which holds .11-14

.16 Covered with black leatherette, hinged top, leather handle. Inside braces and inserts lined with red felt. Stamped on edge "241578."
Object Name Microscope
Date c. 1925
Collection Joseph E. Rall Collection
Accession number 11.0003
Caption Ernst Leitz Monocular Microscope open
Catalog date 2011-11-30
Catalog type History
Provenance Dr. Joseph E. Rall served as Scientific Director of NIAMD and NIDDK, and for the NIH. He became the first NIH Deputy Director of Intramural Research.

Based on the serial number, the microscope was made in 1925. There was a card in the case with a Leitz Micrscope Magnification Table that is dated 192_. Handwritten on the back is "Ben." The case includes an American Optical illuminator, which must have been added. The bulbs are much more recent so the scope was used for several decades.
Number of images 2
Updated 2014-03-18
Condition Good
Organizations NIH; NIAMD (National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases) (1950-1
NIH; NIAMD, Clinical Endrocrinology Branch
NIH; NIDDK (National Institute for Diabetes Digestive and Kidney Disease)
NIH; OD (Office of the Director)
NIH; OD, OIR (Office of Intramural Research)
Serial # 241,578
People Rall, Joseph E.