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Catalog Number 00.0002.001
Object Name Plaque
Title USAID-NIAID Metal Plaque
Description Large round metal plate with gentle slopes. Rim is brighter metal and words are inlaid in the same bright metal. A gold-painted scallop design runs near the rim. The words "Vector Borne Diseases Regional Project, Ain Shams University Research and Training Center on Vectors of Diseases" run on top and bottom edge. Middle has inlaid an Egyptian stele with ankh ("life") hieroglyph and other hieroglyphs. Stele is flanked by two birds (ravens?) and over two panels of writing in Arabic script. Above stele is "USAID-NIAID," on left is "Ain Shams Center", on right is "Kuvin Center." The word "Peace" is painted gold and inlaid over stele.
Date around 1985
Accession number 00.0002.001
Caption USAID-NIAID Metal Plaque
Catalog date 2000-07-12
Catalog type History
Provenance NIAID ran a USAID-funded project at the Ain Shams University (Cairo) and the Kuvin Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, entitled "Epidemiology and Control of Vector Borne Diseases in the Middle East" 1980-90. Bob Gwadz (LPD/NIAID) was Senior Consultant; Karl Western was Project Officer. Plaque was struck in 1985 when the first Egyptians were sent for training at the Kuvin Center. This initiative antedated the currrent NCI Middle Eastern Regional Cooperation Project by 15 years.
Other Name Metal Plate
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-15
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH; NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) (1955-present)
Ain Shams University, Cairo
Kuvin Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Western, Karl A.
Gwadz, Robert W.