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Catalog Number 95.0001.005
Object Name Photomultiplier
Title AMINCO Photomultiplier Microphotometer
Description Green steel case with slanted readout display. Switches, knobs and connectors on front. Stainless steel handle. Old tag reads "Requires modifying P.O. 80408, Howerton//MC 4 May 31, 1955". Masking tape on side labels scope and meter connectors. Torn paper taped to side reads "TO BE USED WITH OSCILLOGRAPH". Old brown electric cord.
Date 1951-1952
Collection Bowman Collection
Accession number 95.0001.005
Caption AMINCO Photomultiplier Microphotometer
Catalog date 2002-01-30
Catalog type History
Provenance This is the photometer readout for the AMINCO-Bowman Spectrophotofluorometer. As such, it was one of the first. A recorder can be attached.

From "Photomultiplier Tubes," Mortimer Abramowitz and Michael W. Davidson, : "A photomultiplier tube, useful for light detection of very weak signals, is a photoemissive device in which the absorption of a photon results in the emission of an electron. These detectors work by amplifying the electrons generated by a photocathode exposed to a photon flux. Photomultipliers acquire light through a glass or quartz window that covers a photosensitive surface, called a photocathode, which then releases electrons that are multiplied by electrodes known as metal channel dynodes. At the end of the dynode chain is an anode or collection electrode. Over a very large range, the current flowing from the anode to ground is directly proportional to the photoelecton flux generated by the photocathode."
Notes Restrictions: broken glass
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-15
Organizations NIH; NHLBI, Laboratory of Technical Development
Buildings Building 10 ("CC" Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center)
NIH Property # 01093814
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # 2
People Bowman, Robert L.
Howerton, Hugh K.
Knutson, Jay R.
Chen, Raymond F.