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Catalog Number 13.0008.001
Object Name Polarimeter
Title O. C. Rudolph & Sons High Precision Polarimeter, Model 80
Description .01 Rotating analyzer unit
.02 symmetrical angle
.03 filter spectrometer
.04 photo multipliers
.05-6 filters
.07 special Allen wrench
.08-10 large screws
.11-13 small screws

.01 Black textured paint. Cork in hole, two eyepieces wide apart, adjusting screws.

.02 Long tube with block, stamped with "symmetrical angle" and degrees 0-20

.03 Black painted housing, filters with "Joyce" inserted and connector.

.04 Two tubes with cords with gel pack in holder.

.05-6 Metal disks with filter canister.

.07 Metal ball chain attached to stub of Allen wrench
Date c. 1963
Accession number 13.0008
Caption O. C. Rudolph & Sons High Precision Polarimeter, Model 80
Catalog date 2013-03-21
Catalog type History
Provenance This High Precision Polarimeter was used to determine the concentrations of optically active substances and identifying unknown compounds. It delivered great accuracy and sensitivity. The upper scale of the drum is for measurements for which the analyzer has been rotated in a clockwise direction for right-hand turning substances, and the lower scale of the drum is for analyzing those substances with a left-hand rotation.

A Nicol prism produces a beam of plane-polarized light (usually generated by a sodium D line for the monochromataic source) passes through a sample tube and is analyzed with a second Nicol prism with a circular scale. Another Nicol prism, called a Lippich prism, is placed in front of the polarizer to create a split field by introducing a few degree rotation for half of the light. The instrument is adjusted to match these two halves of the resulting field.

From an interview with Dr. Robert Berger, LTD, NHLBI, 2003: the solutions were put into different tubes and lined up with phtomultipliers (which fit where the cork goes). It was used to watch solutions invert so they could measure the angle of rotation.
Number of images 2
Updated 2017-03-10
Condition Good
Organizations NIH; NHLBI, Laboratory of Technical Development
Buildings Building 10 ("CC" Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # 703
People Bowman, Robert L.