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Catalog Number 02.0019.030
Title Cleveland Dental Mfg. Co. Extracting Forceps (Upper Incisor)
Description Stainless steel. Handles are textured outside, smooth inside and curved to fit hand. Wide for good grip. No screw visible--flat connection area (American style). Nose is bent up with slightly curved and indented parts. "Clev-Dent L&W, Allen, 11, 12" all stamped on various parts.
Object Name Forceps, Dental
Date early 20th century
Collection H. Trendley Dean Collection
Accession number 02.0019.030
Caption Cleveland Dental Mfg. Co. Extracting Forceps (Upper Incisor)
Catalog date 2004-10-09
Catalog type History
Provenance Used by Dr. H. Trendley Dean (1893-1962), the first dental scientist a the National Institute of Health (1931-1953). He was most known for his studies of mottled teeth, fluoride, and dental caries which resulted in the first city-wide addition of fluoride to drinking water in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945. He became the first director of the National Institute of Dental Research in 1948, where he remained until he retired.

This instrument was used to extract upper incisors.

Other Name Pliers
Number of images 1
Updated 2012-09-25
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH; NIDR (National Institute of Dental Research) (1948-1998)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Dean, H. Trendley
Jaquet, Brent