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Catalog Number 00.0011.001
Object Name Viscometer
Title NIH Glassblowers Capillary Viscometer
Description Glass with initials in black at top "DR W R Fisher". Large sample tube connects at the side and bottom to a narrow glass capillary tube. This tube makes three turns before ending in a bulb blown into the tube. The various turns of the tube are connected at different levels.
Date 1970
Accession number 00.0011.001
Caption NIH Glassblowers Capillary Viscometer
Catalog date 2001-01-05
Catalog type History
Provenance Made for Dr. Waldo R. Fisher by the NIH glassblowers when he was working in Dr. Christian B. Anfinsen’s laboratory. It was used to investigate the role of heme in stabliizing the native structure of cytochrome c, which in the absence of heme existed in a disordered, random coiled state. Such devices were common in the 1960-70s, used in the physical characterization of proteins.
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-10
Condition Excellent
Credit line Dr. Waldo R. Fisher, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry, Emeritus
Organizations NIH; OD, ORS, Biomedical Engineering & Instrumentation Branch
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Fisher, Waldo
Anfinsen, Christian B.