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Catalog Number 06.0022.001
Title NIMH "Real Men. Real Depression" Campaign Items
Description 06.0022.001.01 - Tie tack
06.0022.001.02 - Lapel pin "courage"
06.0022.001.03 - Pen

.01 Red, white, and blue fabric. In circle (on edge) with center consisting of six red folds (three top, three bottom) and one white divider fold in the center. In original plastic case (black bottom, clear hinged top with snap closure).

.02 Large circular lapel pin with a gold rim, white background, red "courage" in the middle. It is clipped to a piece of thick cardboard which has a red back. The front is white with black print: "Real Men. Real Depression. In recognition of your contribution ot the National Insitute of Mental Health’s Real Men Real Depression campaign and for your service to the men of America and those who care about them. 1-866-227-NIMH (6464)." It also has the DHHS, NIH, and NIMH logos on it. All put in original red envelope.

.03 Stubby pen with a black rubber end and finger grip, sliver clip and writing tip, and red metal main body. In silver on the body is "Real Men. Real Depression." In original white cardboard box with silver stripes.
Object Name Novelty
Date 2003
Accession number 06.0022.001
Caption NIMH "Real Men. Real Depression" Campaign Items
Catalog date 2007-03-14
Catalog type History
Provenance A public health campaign sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health to educate the public about male depression. The campaign ran from 2003-2005.
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-09-12
Condition Excellent
Organizations NIH; NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Fox, Brooke