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Catalog Number 09.0004.001
Title Tube Turn Steam Centrifuge
Description Very large steel canister with braces attached, painted white but paint is chipping. It has two hatches on either end. There are raised letters barely readable through paint: "tt Tube-Turn, Trademark, CL75, 1 bolt Hinged Closure, 22 inch, GR 0, .-459." Also engraved on it is "P 22 212B, 73M596." There is a metal skirt around the middle, a brace on side, and a copper outlet pipe on the other side.
Object Name Centrifuge, Steam
Accession number 09.0004
Caption Tube Turn Steam Centrifuge
Catalog date 2009-11-13
Catalog type History
Provenance The Tube Turn trademark is now owned by Sypris Technologies in Kentucky for pipe elbows, closures, hatches, etc.

Dr. Freese (1925-1990) was director of the basic neurosciences program at NINDS and chief of the laboratory of molecular biology in the same institute. He researched the causes of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease and the cancer-causing properties of various chemicals.
Number of images 2
Updated 2012-10-31
Condition Fair
Credit line Dr. Ernst Freese, Director, Basic Neurosciences Program, NINDS
Organizations NIH; NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke) (1998-p
Buildings Building 36 (Lowell P. Weicker Building)
People Freese, Ernst