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Catalog Number 16.0005.004
Title Album: NIH Clinical Center Dedication Press Book
Description Heavy oversize cardstock pages with black wire binding. Each page has articles printed on black paper, then laminated.
Object Name Album
Date July 2, 1953
Accession number 16.0005
Caption Album: NIH Clinical Center Dedication Press Book
Catalog date 2016-11-08
Catalog type History
Provenance The articles in the press book cover the period before (announcing) the dedication, the event, and the first patients. Newspapers from around the country are represented. Articles include:
"Patients--and guinea Pigs," Martha Strager, Daily News 6/26/53

"New Clinical Center is Step Toward Better Public Health," Howard A. Rusk, NY Times, 6/28/53

"$64 Million Clinical Center at Bethesda Ready for Patients," John McKelway, Washington Evening Star, 7/2/53 [day it opened]

"Government Opens New Type Clinic to Conquer Disease," Herb Altschull, Seattle Times, 7/2/53

"Mrs. Hobby Opens That Big Bethesda Hospital," Washington Daily News, 7/3/53

"First Patients Enter Clinic at Bethesda," E.R. Noderer, Washington Times Herald, 7/7/53

""Hospital Not a Hospital," Science News Letter, 7/11/53 (from NIH Public Affairs Jane Stafford's press release]

"Government Opens New Medical Research Center: The Worst Killers will be Studied," San Francisco Chronical, 7/3/53

"Medical Researchers and Patients Battle Disease in Giant New Washington Center," Ken Turner, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, 7/19/53

"Some Questions: Government Medical Research," Baltimore Sun, 7/10/53

"Two Laboratories to Every Hospital Bed in Fabulous New Clinic," Laurence C. Eklund, Milwaukee Journal, 8/23/53.
Number of images 38
Updated 2016-12-20
Condition Good
Organizations NIH; CC (Clinical Center)
Buildings Building 10 ("CC" Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none