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Catalog Number 98.0001.005
Title duPlessis-Morrow Teflon Mitral Heart Valve
Description Three U-shaped sheets of Teflon sewn together on sides. Curved edges are free and not sewn. Opposite edges of the curve are sewn to embroidered sewing ring.
Object Name Heart Valve
Date 1962
Collection Cardiology Research
Accession number 98.0001.005
Caption duPlessis-Morrow Teflon Mitral Heart Valve
Catalog date 2001-08-30
Catalog type History
Provenance Dr. Charles MacIntosh is not sure that Dr. Andrew Morrow (NIH) ever used the valve (personal conversation 8/30/01). Accompanying label: "Implanted successfully in South Africa. Teflon underwent same changes as the Muller valve in the aortic position."
Notes CC exhibit before donation
Number of images 1
Updated 2014-03-18
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH; NCI, Surgery Branch
NIH; CC, Surgical Wing
Buildings Building 10 ("CC" Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Orloff, Jack
Braunwald, Nina Starr
McIntosh, Charles L.
Morrow, Andrew G. "Glenn"