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Catalog Number 06.0021.001
Title Wahl Eversharp Mechanical Pencil
Description Sterling silver. .01 Maker’s info stamped around the top. The ringtop lifts up to reveal a place to load pencil lead. The top has a worked edge on the rim and a small ring so it can be worn from a chain. .02 Stainless steel canister with top. Inside holds pencil lead. No marks. Pencil lead is 1.1 mm diameter.

06.0021.001.01 - pencil
06.0021.001.02 - lead container
06.0021.001.03 - pencil lead
06.0021.001.04 - pencil lead
06.0021.001.05 - pencil lead
06.0021.001.06 - pencil lead
06.0021.001.07 - pencil lead
Object Name Pencil, Mechanical
Date circa 1925
Accession number 06.0021.001
Caption Wahl Eversharp Mechanical Pencil
Catalog date 2007-02-13
Catalog type History
Provenance This mechanical pencil was used by Dr. Margaret Pittman, first of the NIH Division of Biologics Control, and then of the Food & Drug Administration. She was the first woman section chief at the NIH and known for her work on developing tests and treatments for infectious diseases. The design for the pencil was patented March 22, 1921, by Charles Keeran. Dr. Pittman most likely obtained this pen during her graduate studies at the University of Chicago.
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-09-08
Condition Good
Organizations NIH (National Institute of Health), Division of Biologics Standards
Food and Drug Administration (U.S.)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Pittman, Margaret