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Catalog Number 01.0002.013
Object Name Manometer
Title Eimer & Amend Alcoholmeter Manometer
Description Black cardboard tube. Manometer has long narrow measuring tube; paper is marked "Alcoholmeter according to Tralle and Richter." Large bulb has measuring paper with narrow tube to measure below and above 0. Hourglass mercury reservoir.

01.0002.013.01 - Eimer & Amend Alcoholmeter manometer
01.0002.013.02 - cardboard tube
Date 1930s?
Accession number 01.0002.013
Caption Eimer & Amend Alcoholmeter Manometer
Catalog date 2001-06-13
Catalog type History
Provenance Used in the laboratory of Dr. Claude S. Hudson (1881-1952), Chief, Division of Chemistry, National Institute of Health (NIDDK). Hudson was a renowned specialist on carbohydrate chemistry, formulating the "lactone rule" about carbohydrate molecules’ shapes, among other achievements, and mentoring many other award-winning scientists. Per conversation with Dr. Kenner Rice, 3/2001: Hudson had a student from Georgetown and as was his custom, he took the student out on the town the night before the student’s boards. The next morning the student, with hangover, was asked about Hudson’s rules. The student said that Hudson’s first rule is that "any drink with gin is a good drink." Whereupon Hudson stood up and shouted "That’s my boy!"
Notes Restrictions: mercury
Sheet 804, Frame 15
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-15
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH (National Institute of Health), Division of Chemistry
NIH; NIDDK, Laboratory of Chemistry
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Creveling, Cyrus R.
Hudson, Claude S.