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Catalog Number 10.0009.161
Title Handmade Experiment Chamber
Description Square Plexiglas tray. Four screws stick up from the corners. Each has a rubber collar (handmade from tubing) around it (one is broken). A wire protrudes from the side, and there is blue marker. A small mound in the center of the well is covered by mesh with a red dot at the apex and held on by lots of wax. Glob of wax is over another small hole.
Object Name Chamber, Specimen
Collection Ichiji Tasaki Collection
Accession number 10.0009
Caption Handmade Experiment Chamber
Catalog date 2011-05-26
Catalog type History
Provenance Handmade by Dr. Ichiji Tasaki for his research in nerve function.
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-08-30
Condition Fair
Organizations NIH; NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development )
NIH; NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health)
NIH; NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke) (1998-p
Buildings Building 13
Building 36 (Lowell P. Weicker Building)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Tasaki, Ichiji