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Catalog Number 01.0020.007
Object Name Syringe
Title Becton Dickinson Labware Super-Ward Syringes
Description 01.0020.007.01 - 10 cc syringe W8504
01.0020.007.02 - 10 cc syringe F5505
01.0020.007.03 - 10 cc syringe 43858
01.0020.007.04 - 5 cc syringe X4060
01.0020.007.05 - 5 cc syringe Z9017
01.0020.007.06 - 5 cc syringe M9205

Glass. Plungers all have red rectangles with numbers in them. Barrels have red maker and model names and numbers corresponding to plungers’.
Accession number 01.0020.007
Caption Becton Dickinson Labware Super-Ward Syringes
Catalog date 2006-09-06
Catalog type History
Provenance Syringes used plungers to deliver precise amount of liquids or gases through a cylinder. Glass syringes were ground with barrel and plunger to match (hence the same identifying number on both pieces). Later syringes had interchangeable parts and more modern syringes are single-use plastic designs. These were used by Dr. Reubin Andres, NIA, during the early phases of the Baltimore Longitudinal Study, which investigated the health issues of aging over time.
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-10
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH, NIA, Laboratory of Clinical Investigation
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Andres, Reubin
Baldwin, Howard