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Catalog Number 99.0009.001
Title Becton Dickinson Labware Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix and Invasion Chamber
Description Clear glass bottle with metal safety top and white paper label. Plates are in unopened foil packets, placed in cardboard box.

99.0009.001.01 - Bottle of Matrigel Brand Basement Membrane Matrix, 5 mls.
99.0009.001.02 - Matrigel Invasion chamber, 24-well plate size
99.0009.001.03 - Matrigel Invasion chamber, 24-well plate size
99.0009.001.04 - Original cardboard box for invasion chambers

Object Name Extracellular Matrix
Date 1999
Collection Office of Technology Transfer
Accession number 99.0009.001
Caption Becton Dickinson Labware Matrigel Basement Membrane Matrix and Invasion Cha
Catalog date 2000-03-15
Catalog type History
Provenance From the NIH Record, June 22, 1993, page 5: "Dr. Hynda Kleinman of NIDR is a 1993 winner of the WISE Award for Scientific Achievement....Chief of the cell biology section in NIDR’s Laboratory of Developmental Biology, Kleinman has been at the forefront of research on the structure and function of basement membranes--the extracellular matrices that surround all blood vessels, glands, muscles, and nerves. She and coworkers developed and patented a basement membrane extract called Matrigel, which is now widely used to culture tissues that were previously difficult or impossible to grow in the laboratory."

Licensed under L-080-92/0 from NIH. To look at cell invasion. ECM helps to regulate cell growth, differentiation, and tissue morphogenesis during normal situations and disease; including gene expression. This project provides a three-dimensional matrix to culture systems. Basement membranes are thin extracellular matrices under the epithelial cells which separate them from connective tissue. Using ECM as a coating for tissue culture surfaces permits in vitro models of in vivo systems. Matrigel is extracted from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm EHS mouse tumors and is a solubilized tissue basement membrane preparation.
Other Name Ecm (Extracellular Matrix)
Notes Sheet 1234, Neg. 3; Pictures in Literature Too
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-01-31
Condition Excellent
Credit line Becton Dickinson Labware
Organizations NIH; NIDCR (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research) (1998-present)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # bottle 40234A, plates 40480
People Hassell, John R.
Cannon, Frances B.
Laurie, Gordon W.
Martin, George R.
Star, Vicki L.
McGarvey, Mary L.
Kleinman, Hynda K.