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Catalog Number 89.0001.077
Title Digital Equipment Corp. System Module: Positive Diode NOR 1113 4113-C
Description The board has an aluminum rim on three sides, and a blue plastic connector bar (male) with "Amphenol 900-309 A-Z" on the fourth (short) side. On the short metal rim is a "DEC System Building Blocks" label and a green adhesive label with "Y 18" on it. Stamped into the metal rim is "4113." Ink stamped next to the serial number is "RAT 8." From the connector bar are soldered connections to resistors and other electronic components.
92.0017.001.00.1 - Fluorescent Antibody Cell Sorter FACS II
92.0017.001.00.2 - Electronic control unit for FACS II
92.0017.001.00.3 - Power supply unit for FACS II
92.0020.001.00.1 - glasses
92.0020.001.00.2 - case
93.0001.001.00.1 - plexiglass base
93.0001.001.00.2 - cloth cover
93.0001.001.00.3 - snap lock hook
93.0001.001.00.4 - snap lock hook
93.0003.001.00.1 - Case
93.0003.001.00.2 - Spectroscope
93.0003.001.00.3 - Ocular
93.0003.001.00.4 - Retaining knob
93.0003.002.00.1 - Spectroscope
93.0003.002.00.2 - Eyepiece
93.0003.002.00.3 - Custom-made? brass lens hood
93.0003.002.00.4 - Plexiglass case-lid
93.0003.002.00.5 - Plexiglass case-body
93.0003.002.00.6 - Retaining screw
93.0003.002.00.7 - Retaining washer
Object Name Board, Digital Circuit
Date late 1950s-early 1960s
Accession number 89.0001.077
Catalog date 2005-03-07
Catalog type History
Provenance These modules were sold by DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) beginning in the mid-1950s. They were used in the design and construction of early digital equipment used in laboratories, including computers. This type of module was used in the design of DEC’s first computer, the PDP-1, introduced in 1960. This particular module was a gate which could also be used for an "AND" command with a negative pulse with a group of negative levels (as well as a "NOR" command). A diode restricts the current flow to one direction and can convert AC to DC.
Other Name Digital Circuit Board; Computer Board
Updated 2017-09-07
Condition Very Good
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # 0213208