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Catalog Number 97.0002.004
Object Name Catheter, Thermodilution
Title Edwards Laboratories (EDSLAB) Thermodilution Catheter
Date 1973
Accession number 97.0002.004
Caption Edwards Laboratories (EDSLAB) Termodilution Catheter
Catalog type History
Provenance For measurement of cardiac output (blood flow) by injecting cold saline and measuring the temperature change in the heart chamber of interest. It was an advance because it was so elegant yet simple. Before they used green dye injections which were toxic so they could only use them a few times a day. With this instrument you didn’t have to withdraw blood and you could do it with low output states. New ones are "flow guided balloon tipped catheters" to pull, not push through veins.
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-10
Organizations NIH; NHLBI (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) (1976-present)
People Kempner, Kenneth M.