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Catalog Number 99.0001.002
Title American Sterililzer Co. (AMSCO) Pelvic operating table, model 1085-C
Description Metal operating bed with detachable leg rests, head rest, straps and covering cloth. Table is padded and covered with knit material. Dimensions depend on how the leg rests are set up. There are pedals and knobs for moving parts of the bed.

99.0001.002.01 - pelvic operating table main bed
99.0001.002.02 - head rest
99.0001.002.03 - left leg rest
99.0001.002.04 - right leg rest
99.0001.002.05 - strap with velco and hooks
99.0001.002.06 - strap with velco and hooks
99.0001.002.07 - green coverlet (fabric)
Object Name Table, Operating
Accession number 99.0001.002
Caption American Sterililzer Co. (AMSCO) Pelvic operating table, model 1085-C
Catalog date 1999-03-23
Catalog type History
Provenance DEACCESSIONED: While moving from Gaithersburg Warehouse to Stonestreet warehouse in 2009, the condition of the bed was found to be too poor for moving.

Re nurse Sue Mun in CC/OR: the bed was used in the Clinical Center’s Operating Room for oncology studies using radical procedures (before Dr. Rosenberg’s experiments). The bed was crucial to surgical procedures. Curator discovered object in Surplus and acquired it.
Other Name Operating Table
Number of images 1
Updated 2013-04-29
Organizations NIH; CC, Surgical Wing
Buildings Building 10 ("CC" Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center)
NIH Property # 00957582
Old NIH Property # PHS 147492
Serial # 252777