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Catalog Number 06.0020.013
Object Name Microscope, Inverted
Title Carl Zeiss Inc. Inverted Microscope Camera Assembly
Description 06.0020.013.01 - light and film assembly
06.0020.013.02 - Ikophot M light meter
06.0020.013.03 - stage
06.0020.013.04 - C35 camera
06.0020.013.05 - cable release
06.0020.013.06 - extender
06.0020.013.07 - support rod
06.0020.013.08 - support piece
06.0020.013.09 - eyepiece KpL 8x
06.0020.013.10 - tool
06.0020.013.11 - movable lens blocker
06.0020.013.12 - steel piece
06.0020.013.13 - ring piece
06.0020.013.14 - flat metal piece
06.0020.013.15 - bracket
06.0020.013.16 - steel bar
06.0020.013.17 - steel bar
06.0020.013.18 - steel bar
06.0020.013.19 - screw for bar
06.0020.013.20 - screw for bar
06.0020.013.21 - screw for bar
06.0020.013.22 - screw for bar

.01 Metal with gray and black enamel. Cone has square film holder attached with glass in it. The top has an arm that extends out and ends with a cut-through and black knob. Metal maker’s plate: "Carl Zeiss, West Germany." Attached to adjusting arm by a long cord is .02.

.02 Black plastic with dials for "ASA" and "DIN" and a red button in the middle. Diplay has red arrow set by dial and hand by the button. "Zeiss/Ikon" logo. Sticker on back says "new battery 2/13/84."

.03 Black enameled & stainless steel. Round-edged stage with X-Y vernier measurement recorder. Pieces with scale on it are controlled by two turn levers on springs extending from the bottom.

.04 Stainless steel and leather (black), no viewfinder, no shutter (lens cover over lens). Black square with Carl Zeiss logo and "C35." Place to screw in extender and cable release.

.05 Black fabric covered cords. One end has a canister going to control. There is a push button on top with the Zeiss logo on it and "Made in Germany, Pronitor." Set screw on side. When push button, the rods come out of pieces on the ends of the cord.

.06 Clear plastic over silver fabric-covered wire. One end with connector for cable release; one end with rod extension that goes into camera.

.07 Stainless steel rod with gray enamled metal bracket screwed in the middle.

.08 Gray enamel metal. Hollow rod with Carl Zeiss, West Germany logo. Ends in flared cone with threads. Another piece fits over the rod and is also hollow.

.09 Stainless steel with black top "Carl Zeiss, West, Germany."

.10 Stainless steel, flat ,semi-circle with two prongs. On red/white twine.

.11 "2" stamped in. Steel with two adjusting screws to move blacked-out center of the lens. "Z Pruf 47 1291" on paper in the bag it came in.
Date C. 1954
Accession number 06.0020.013
Caption Carl Zeiss Inc. Inverted Microscope Camera Assembly
Catalog date 2006-10-13
Catalog type History
Number of images 1
Updated 2012-10-31
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH; NIAID, Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases
Buildings Building 4
NIH Property # .01 738391
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # .02 3397; .04 109 6696
People Nash, Theodore E.
Diamond, Louis S.