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Catalog Number 01.0002.001
Object Name Manometer
Title Arthur H. Thomas Company Manometers
Description Black leatherette case with Arthur H. Thomas Co.’s name embossed on it in gold. Glass manometers lie in inserts inside the case. The case is lined with blue velvet. The larger ends of the manometers have weighted amounts of lead shot in them. Papers tucked into the long narrow ends identify the measurement range of the manometers.

01.0002.001.01 - A.H.T. Co. manometer #P-83179 (to 700)
01.0002.001.02 - A.H.T. Co. manometer #P-83196 (to 800)
01.0002.001.03 - A.H.T. Co. manometer #P-82879 (to 900)
01.0002.001.04 - A.H.T. Co. manometer #P-84565 (to 1000)
01.0002.001.05 - A.H.T. Co. manometer #P-84582 (to 1200)
01.0002.001.06 - A.H.T. Co. manometer #P-84606 (to 1400)
01.0002.001.07 - A.H.T. Co. manometer #P-84556 (to 1600)
01.0002.001.08 - A.H.T. Co. manometer #P-84541 (to 1800)
01.0002.001.09 - Black leatheretter case
Date 1957
Accession number 01.0002.001
Caption Arthur H. Thomas Company Manometers
Catalog date 2001-06-13
Catalog type History
Provenance Used in laboratory set up by Dr. Claude F. Hudson (1881-1952), Chief of the Carbohydrates Section of the Laboratory of Chemistry, National Institute of Health, most likely by Dr. Hewitt Fletcher. Perhaps acquired by a Nobel Laureate (per Dr. Creveling). Rescued from trash by Dr. Creveling.
Other Name Densitometer
Notes Neg. Sheet 19805, Frame 20-21
Number of images 2
Updated 2017-02-16
Condition Very Good
Credit line Courtesy of Dr. Cyrus R. Creveling
Organizations NIH (National Institute of Health), Division of Chemistry
NIH; NIDDK, Laboratory of Chemistry
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Creveling, Cyrus R.
Hudson, Claude S.
Fletcher, Hewitt G.