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Catalog Number 03.0006.001
Title Cow De-horner
Description Wood handles with metal ends painted green to which the cutting head is attached. Shears are short and curved.
Object Name Dehorner
Date 1950s
Collection Louis Sokoloff Collection
Accession number 03.0006.001
Caption Cow De-horner
Catalog type History
Provenance De-horner was used for rapid decapitation of cats. Bill Landow of the lab had worked on a farm and got a pair for the lab. Before this they used a bandsaw. Then the common way was to put the cat in a plastic bag filled with sand to make a cast to fit the cat so that the cat couldn’t move (this they learned from Picker X-ray Co.). Dr. Louis Sokoloff of the National Institute of Mental Health studied cerebral blood flow, energy metabolism and functional activity in the brain. He developed methods to measure the local rates of blood flow, glucose use, and protein making. He also helped to map the central nervous system.

From a conversation with Dr. Sokoloff: Used when performing autoradiograms. A cat was given a radioactive sample. Then the cat was decapitated and then the brain frozen and sliced. Each section had x-ray film applied and radioactive areas showed up. Used to measure the local blood flow through the brain. To measure glucose utilization all of the slices were done on one film.
Notes Sheet 1/12/04, #21
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-09-06
Condition Good
Organizations NIH; NIMH, Laboratory of Cerebral Metabolism
Buildings Building 36 (Lowell P. Weicker Building)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Sokoloff, Louis E.
Landow, William