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Catalog Number 15.0014.005
Title "Transfusion Alert: Use of Autologous Blood"
Description Cardstock cover with black print, design, and pink accents.
Object Name Release, News
Date September 1989
Collection AIDS Collection
Accession number 15.0014
Caption "Transfusion Alert: Use of Autologous Blood"
Catalog date 2015-08-07
Catalog type History
Provenance From the National Blood Resource Education Program coordinated by NHLBI. "Autologous transfusion is the collection and reinfusion of the patient's own blood or blood components. Recently, the fear of transfusion-transmitted diseases from homologous blood transfusion--blood collected from volunteer donors other than the patient--has renewed interest in autologous blood transfusion. The risk of transmitting disease--such as the human immunodeficiency virus or hepatitis B or C--continues to fall, however, as additional donor screening and testing measures are implemented." The pamphlet goes on to discuss preoperative autologous blood donation, perioperative blood salvage, and acute normovolemic hemodilution.
Number of images 2
Updated 2016-10-28
Condition Good
Organizations NIH; NHLBI (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) (1976-present)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # NIH Pub. 89-3038
People Klein, Harvey
McCurdy, Paul R.
Sloand, Elaine M.
Rogus, Susan D.
Pipp, Marty T.