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Catalog Number 89.0001.251
Title CCI Life Systems Inc. Universal Recirculating Dialysate System
Description .01: Yellow metal case with dark control panel (behind glass). A circular well and another well in the top holds bottles (.03-4). Has a cardboard label stuck on the top (from an exhibit?). The pump (.02) is tan with a circular piece on top and tubing coming out of it. Also there is a stainless steel movable arm in back.

89.0001.251.01 - Redy Universal Recirculating Dialysate System
89.0001.251.02 - REDY Pump (attached)
89.0001.251.03 - REDY Pack (Dialysate Infusate with Potassium) (attached)
89.0001.251.04 - 500 ml. Glass Bottle of Normal Saline (Sodium Chloride), 0.9% (attached)
Object Name Machine, Dialysis
Date ca.1972
Accession number 89.0001.251
Caption CCI Life Systems Inc. Universal Recirculating Dialysate System
Catalog date 2002-06-05
Catalog type History
Provenance Manufactured by Raymond W. Jensen, IND., El Sugundo, CA. Removes waste products from blood, through cartridge, and cleaned dialysate returns to artificial kidney. Self-contained system was developed with NIH support. The system uses sorbent technology which utilizes cartridges to chemically reprecess used dialysate into fresh dialysate by passing it through a column of chemicals. The process is patented.

Other Name Artificial Kidney
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-07-31
Condition Good
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # .01: 1034, .02: 1165