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Catalog Number 04.0022.002
Title Eastman Kodak Company Instatech X Close-Up Camera
Description 04.0022.002.01 - camera body
04.0022.002.02 - Sylvania Blue Dot Magic cube flash bulb
04.0022.002.03 - Sylvania Blue Dot Magic cube flash bulb
04.0022.002.04 - Sylvania Blue Dot Magic cube flash bulb
04.0022.002.05 - Lens reflector unit 5-8 inch
04.0022.002.06 - close-up frame 5-8 inch
04.0022.002.07 - Lens reflector unit 2 inch
04.0022.002.08 - close-up frame 2 inch
04.0022.002.09 - Lens reflector unit 7 inch
04.0022.002.10 - close-up frame arm 7 inch
04.0022.002.11 - close-up frame 7 inch
04.0022.002.12 - Close-up lens assembly with chain
04.0022.002.13 - case

.01 Rectangle. Silver and black plastic. Front has lens opening, view finder, makers’ information and lever for flash. Flash bulb mounted on top. Bottom has large screw mounted for putting on different close-up lenses.

.05-08 Stainless steel plates with lenses with colored rims. Colors match the frames that go with them. Black tape has measurements on them for each size.

.09-11 Stainless steel with longer arm and face-size frame.

.12 Lens with clear plexi-glass on top with dark part that goes over view finder. "True field sizes, 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" at 15", 12" x 12" at 20", mask shows only center of field." With a metal ball chain hooked to the bottom. It has two large balls (silver and gold) for measuring distance.

.13 Black leatherette, hinged lid. Foam insets. Two tape pieces each say "Instatech". Chrome trim. Feet on bottom.
Object Name Camera
Date circa 1976
Accession number 04.0022.002
Caption Eastman Kodak Company Instatech X Close-Up Camera
Catalog date 2005-01-31
Catalog type History
Other Name Dental Camera
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-29
Condition Excellent
Organizations NIH; CC, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Buildings Building 10 ("CC" Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Thornton, Bonnie
Hurtgen, Thomas P.
Gerber, Lynn H.