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Catalog Number 89.0001.148
Title Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Micromanipulator
Description Manipulator is on a heavy black metal microscope stand (horse-shoe shape base). Manipulator has two knobs to move sliding vertical bar.
Object Name Micromanipulator
Accession number 89.0001.148
Caption Bausch & Lomb Micromanipulator
Catalog date 2001-05-09
Catalog type History
Provenance From exhibit text: "Micromanipulators are mechanical devices for translating gross movements of the hands into extremely fine movements of small instruments. In this way investigators can inject fluids into single cells, insert microelectrodes, and operate on parts of the cells while looking at them through a microscope. Micromanipulators utilize wedges, gears, hydraulic drives and other means to reduce the size of the movements. The instruments used on micromanipulators generally are fabiricated from glass by means of microforges which heat and form the glass under a microscope. Micrurgy, which is the practice of direct manipulation of single cells in this manner, was first described in 1904 by Marshall Barber, an American microbiologist in the University of Kansas."
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Updated 2017-02-16
Condition Good
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