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Catalog Number 00.0012.001
Object Name Microscope
Title American Optical Co. Spencer Polarizing Microscope
Description 00.0012.001.01 - polarizing microscope
00.0012.001.02 - black leatherette case
00.0012.001.03 - wooden box
00.0012.001.04 - objective centering wrench
00.0012.001.05 - objective centering wrench
00.0012.001.06 - 4 mm objective
00.0012.001.07 - 8 mm objective
00.0012.001.08 - 16 mm objective
00.0012.001.09 - 25 mm objective
00.0012.001.10 - 10x ocular
00.0012.001.11 - 20x ocular
00.0012.001.12 - pinhole eyepiece
00.0012.001.13 - Bausch & Lomb plastic vial
00.0012.001.14 - full wave plate
00.0012.001.15 - quarter wave plate
00.0012.001.16 - first order red wave plate
00.0012.001.17 - carrying case

Black leatherette/wooden case. Heavy microscope slides into slots lined with velveteen. Slot on side holds leatherette AO case which is now empty. Case in top contains objectives, oculars, wave plates, wedge, pin hole eyepiece and two objective centering wrenches. Door does not lock; there is no key.
Date 1948
Accession number 00.0012.001
Caption American Optical Co. Spencer Polarizing Microscope
Catalog date 2001-01-05
Catalog type History
Provenance Used in NIAMD, Chief, Laboratory of Chemistry and Chemotherapy by Dr. Claude Hudson, and Drs. Hewitt G. Fletcher Jr., and Nelson Richtmeyer. Donated by Dr. Fletcher’s son. Was in Bldg. 6. Has inventory list on door: "This Microscope and Its Accessories are the Property of the Section on Chemistry of the Laboratory of Chemistry and Chemotherapy and are not to be removed from the laboratories of the Section without the express permission of Drs. Fletcher, Hudson, or Richtmyer. 1 Polarizing Microscope #271862/1 5x large diameter cross hair ocular/1 10x """""/1 16mm objective/ 1 8 mm "/1 4mm "/1 full wave plate/1 Quartz wedge-1-111order/1 Quarter wave plate/1 Mechanical stage/ 1 Pinhole eyepiece/2 Objective centering wrenches"
Notes Sheet 957, Negs. 15-17
Number of images 2
Updated 2017-03-15
Condition Very Good
Credit line Mr. R. Theodore Fletcher, LRCMB, NEI
Organizations NIH; NIAMD, Laboratory of Chemistry
Buildings Building 6
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # 100740
Serial # 271862
People Fletcher, Theodore
Hudson, Claude S.
Richtmyer, Nelson K.
Fletcher, Hewitt G.