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Catalog Number 16.0011.020
Object Name Book, Instruction
Title Control Data Corporation (CDC) / DCRT Hybrid Manuals
Description .01 "NIH 3100-55100 Hybrid Computer System," 1967
.02 "Control Data 3100 Manual," c. 1966
.03 "CDC 3100/3200 Computer Systems Scope/Disk Scope Reference Manual," June 1966
.04 "CDC 3200 Computer System Scope/Compass Reference Manual," September 1964

.01 Paper with three holes punched in it for binder, but stapled. Typed with handwritten notes.
.02 Missing cover and back cover has separated. Paper with tabbed sections.
.03 Bound with glue in a heavy blue/gray cover. Three-hole paper.
.04 Bound with glue in a heavy blue/gray cover. Three-hole paper.

All have JVinton's name and handwritten notes.
Accession number 16.0011
Caption Control Data Corporation (CDC) / DCRT Hybrid Manuals .01-4
Catalog date 2016-11-23
Catalog type History
Provenance This Control Data Corp. (CDC) computer was a high-speed digital computer to process laboratory data and was introduced in 1965. It could handle data processing in real-time, and was modular so it could be combined with other components.

.01 Contains programming specifications of the HL-20 (Hybrid Linkage) computer from the DCRT Hybrid Computer Group. "The CDC 3100 digital computer is interfaced to the GeoSpace SS100 analog computer via an interfacing device known as the HL-20 hybrid link."

.02 The CDC 3100 is a "medium-sized, solid-state, general purpose, digital computing system" with modular packaging, making it ideal for linking to other devices.

.03 "Scope" stands for Supervisory Control of Program Execution.

.04 This manual presents machine language for the CDC 3200, 3100, 3300 and the use of Scope, which controls job processing.
Year Range from 1964
Year Range to 1966
Number of images 9
Updated 2016-12-20
Condition Good
Organizations NIH; OD, ORS, Division of Computer Research and Technology
Buildings Building 12
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none