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Catalog Number 05.0016.016
Object Name Burette
Title Kimble Glass Co. Kimax Buret, No. 37020
Description Glass tube with red graduations and maker’s information "$ Kimax-51, USA, No. 37020, TD 200C, 25 in. 1/10 ml." White band around the top. The top indents to a smaller tube; the bottom tapers to opening.
Date circa 1960
Accession number 05.0016.016
Caption Kimble Glass Co. Kimax Buret, No. 37020
Catalog date 2006-02-23
Catalog type History
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-08-30
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH; NIAID, Laboratory of Immunology
Buildings Building 10 ("CC" Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center)
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Watson, Cyndy