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Catalog Number 12.0016.001
Title Waters Associates Inc. uPorasil Liquid Chromatography Column
Description .01 Column
.02 Screw cap
.03 Walnut case

.01 Stainless steel column with assemblies at both ends. One end has a large spring canister which is flexible and has "Hexane" on it. There is a sticker with maker's information on it.

.02 Steel cap with threads inside.

.03 Walnut case with hinged lid. "Waters Associates" is stamped on it and "Pathology" is written in black marker. There is a sticker with "uPorasil, Part Number 27477" on it. The front has a label with product information and instructions.
Object Name Column, Chromatography
Date c. 1978
Accession number 12.0016
Caption Waters Associates Inc. uPorasil Liquid Chromatography Column open
Catalog date 2012-11-30
Catalog type History
Provenance This column was used in high perforamnce liquid chromatography (HPLC) and can be used for in vitro diagnostics. Meant to be used with the Model 6000 Solvent Delivery System, this was the first commercial 10-micron (very small particles) silica column for HPLC. This column was apparently used in the NIH Clinical Center's Laboratory of Pathology.

Patent 3,349,920 was issued Oct. 31, 1967 to James L. Waters and assigned to Waters Associates (filed August 18, 1965). The patent was entitled "System for Protecting Liquid Chromatography Columns."
Number of images 3
Updated 2017-02-16
Condition Good
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # 080254