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Catalog Number 01.0001.001
Object Name Osmometer
Title Clifton Technical Physics Biological Cryostat/Nanoliter Osmometer
Description 01.0001.001.01 - Biological Cryostat/Nanoliter Osometer
01.0001.001.02 - power cord
01.0001.001.03 - air pump fitting tubing
01.0001.001.04 - foot pedal
01.0001.001.05 - Kodak box (contains .06-19)
01.0001.001.06 - connector cord
01.0001.001.07 - dial-controlled pipet
01.0001.001.08 - Grass Medical Instruments box (contains .09-.11)
01.0001.001.09 - resistors for C4 camera circuit
01.0001.001.10 - resistors for C4 camera circuit
01.0001.001.11 - schematic of C4 camera circuitry (Grass Instruments)
01.0001.001.12 - plexiglass stage
01.0001.001.13 - stainless steel stage base
01.0001.001.14 - metal stage, mounted for use
01.0001.001.15 - Corning cover glass box (holds .16)
01.0001.001.16 - stack of circular glass covers, 18mm, No. 1
01.0001.001.17 - plastic hinged box labeled "2 sapphire windows, 1-adapter" (contains .18-.19)
01.0001.001.18 - sapphire window in plastic bag
01.0001.001.19 - sapphire window in plastic bag

Gray stainless steel box with tan control panel, has large knob on side. Has electrical cord, connector cord, small connector cord, foot pedal, etc. A Kodak box holds accessories.
Robert L. Bowman and Prager
Date 1965
Collection Bowman Collection
Accession number 01.0001.001
Caption Clifton Technical Physics Biological Cryostat/Nanoliter Osmometer
Catalog date 2001-02-20
Catalog type History
Provenance From Clifton Technical Physics directions (annotations in brackets are Dr. Bowman’s handwritten comments): "Early in 1965 Bernard Clifton of Clifton Technical Physics was approached by Dr. Frederick Kalber of City College of New York who came to see us with a small two stage thermoelectric cooling module, a Wheatstone bridge and a variable power supply with which he was measuring freezing point depressions. Dr. Kalber asked whether we would make up two similar models for City College and for the Marine Research Laboratory of Duke University. We suggested that we should design and make up a stable compact temperature controller with a digital readout to drive a similar thermoelectric cooling module. This we proceeded to do. Only after we delivered our first two units did we discover that we had developed independently [After Dr. K had described the Science paper contents to Clifton] what was virtually a small solid state version of the device developed by Drs. Bowman and Prager at the National Heart Institute [Ref. Prager & Bowman, Science, October 1963]. " This instrument was used by Dr. John Buck, Bldg. 2, Rm 106.
Other Name Micro Osmometer
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-15
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH; NHLBI, Laboratory of Technical Development
NIH; NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases) (1988-present)
Buildings Building 10 ("CC" Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center)
Building 2
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # 265143
Serial # none
People Bowman, Robert L.
Kalber, Frederick
Buck, John B.
Prager, Denis J.