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Catalog Number 06.0020.014
Object Name Camera, Microscope
Title Carl Zeiss Inc. MC100 Camera System (PHZ02)
Description 06.0020.014.01 - camera
06.0020.014.02 - lens S-PL 10x/20
06.0020.014.03 - Bedienpult Kamerab. [control console]
06.0020.014.04 - blue cover

.01 Cream enameled metal. Camera mounts in the back (black with eject button, stops, etc.). The shutter has stamped on it: "MC100; 35mm; 0,25x; 4"x5", 1,0x; 45 60 13." A computer board with transistors is inside. A black lens holder with black rod with a "45 29 96" is on it.

.02 Black metal with flat top. White "Carl Zeiss, 44 40 39, S-Pl 10x/20."

.03 Cream enameled metal. "Zeiss, West Germany" is on the top. The sides have slits for ventilation and the back has large cooling fins and cables labeled with tape (thick gray "to back of photog. unit"; black power cord "Power cord photog."; and thin gray with connector to calculating unit and prong "to back of scope.") The bottom has a metal plate with Carl Zeiss, serial number, etc. Front panel is steeply sloped with a display readout on the top labelled "Exp.time," "Data", "Reci," "End Count." The panel has several buttons (LED) to control exposure adjustment (-1 to +2); Lamp, frame, flash, etc.

.04 Blue plastic cover with white Zeiss, West Germany logo in a square, and "45 93 40."
Date Circa 1972
Accession number 06.0020.014
Caption Carl Zeiss Inc. MC100 Camera System (PHZ02)
Catalog date 2006-10-13
Catalog type History
Number of images 1
Updated 2017-03-10
Condition Very Good
Organizations NIH, NIAID, Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases
Buildings Building 4
NIH Property # .03 718570
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # .03 505466
People Nash, Theodore E.