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Catalog Number 14.0028.001
Title Book: "Index to the Literature of Siphonaptera of North America"
Description Black leather binder, labeled with tape on spine "Flea Index, 1942." Stapled to front is a plastic packet containing copy of cover of NIH Bulletin No. 178. Inside the cover there is tape with "My only copy please return WLJ". Inside, pages of Bulleting 178 on binder rings with handwritten notes in pen on many pages.
Object Name Book
Date 1942
Accession number 14.0028
Caption Book: "Index to the Literature of Siphonaptera of North America"
Catalog date 2014-09-30
Catalog type History
Provenance From "Dr. William L. Jellison, Famed Parasitologist, Retires from RML," NIH Record, August 14, 1962, p. 4: "In addition to his studies at RML, where his special interests included taxonomy of disease-bearing insects and ecology of tularemia, plague, and spotted fever, Dr. Jellison is internationally recognized for his work abroad. He served during World War II in the China-Burma-India theater, including a mission with the American Typhus Commission....One of Dr. Jellison's interests in Hamilton has been the collection of scientific reports which will eventually become a part of the RML library."
Number of images 1
Updated 2015-06-03
Condition Good
Organizations NIH; NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) (1955-p
Buildings Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Hamilton, Montana
NIH Property # none
Old NIH Property # none
Serial # none
People Jellison, William L.